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GeoLoc Covid 19 App

The best tool to track the virus in a privacy friendly way.


  1. generate new data?
  2. request to every individual to install an app and generate so many controversial discussion ?
  3. avoid geo-location ?


  1. it’s possible to install a app that will get the information that already existes
  2. we can ask only to the positive patients to do so!
    It’s mean 1 617 205 patients over a European population of 868 376 908
    2 out of 100 individuals
    only 0,18%
  3. geo-location is a reliable source of information

GeoLoc is a full integrated solution

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GeoLoc Covid-19 is more than a app, it’s provide a complete solution :

Users and patients

Users and patients

Easy to use app with full control of their data

Medical staff

Medical staff

Strategic at start and end of process

Health athority

Health athority

Protect the medical data as they already do



Take benefits of reliable information to fight progression of contagious disease

User app, easy to use

Interactive screen

  1. Choose your data provider
  2. Select data to send
    In our example you can remove sliding the first point to the left
  3. Transfer the data of all selected (or not removed) points
  4. Confirm your action or go back to change it
  5. Enter your confidential code
  6. Authorize send your anonymized data to a heatmap
  7. Submit your data
  8. Thank you, sharing your anonymized data you help everyone be more careful when visiting the places you passed by

Script demo

Behind the scenes: In instants the data is treated, anonymized and transferred to a safe place (health authority) or displayed for 14 days at heatmap service



Only the user can select the locations to transfer


Transfer is done from smartphone to health database server (more secure than bank servers)

NO Sync

There is no sync,
only ONE transfer



User can filter the places visited


Can be located following healthy authorities requests


Data and process respect user privacy at all levels


Heatmap is a comprehensive way to indicate places of high risk and it allows several actions:

Population knows where it’s necessary to double attention

Responsible for the places to increase action against contamination

Local health authorities to identify place to increase sanitary measures

Concentrated points create a "heat" and the are can become yellow, orange or red.
Concentrated points create a « heat » and the are can become yellow, orange or red.

User case

user case v1.1


We are here to help our complete solution that ensures the privacy for the patient and the data reliability for medical prevention.